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1/2 Hog Demo


Rain Shadow Meats’ Butchery Class

1/2 Hog Demonstration

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $100 per person


This class is a demonstration of the proper break down and preparation of a 1/2 Tails and Trotters’ hog by Russell Flint, owner of Rain Shadow Meats. Russell will cover an array of topics, including the following:

The farmers.

The raising and feed of the hogs.

What makes Tails and Trotters’ hogs so special.

The anatomy of the animal.


The primary focus will be educating students about the significance of utilizing the entire animal, and why it’s critical to educate the public about the importance of whole animal consumption as a conscious society. Class highlights include:

Learn how to break down a half hog, using only a knife.

Learn the differences between cuts, including: chops, roasts, and braising cuts.

Learn which cuts lend themselves better to aging, curing, and sausage making.

Why prioritizing cuts is so critical.

The importance of scoring skin and fat before roasting, and when/why you truss certain cuts. 


Salumi and beer* (one per person of age) will be provided for your pleasure. This is a great class for the home cook looking to further their culinary knowledge, or anyone in search of understanding where their meat comes from. 

All sales are final. Full refunds will only be issued if Rain Shadow Meats is unable to perform the class due to unforeseen circumstances or if you cancel 7 days prior to class date. Refunds for cancellations made less than 7 days before the class will not be issued. Please ensure you can attend before purchasing.

*must be 21 or older to drink