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INTRODUCING CHICHARRON TUESDAYS!  Join us every Tuesday for fried chicharron with Maggie's fermented green chili salt. $5/bag!

Facebook - November 25

The day before thanksgiving already! Here's a quick turkey
update.... We have several large birds left at our Melrose Market
location. 24+ lbs size range. We can break them down for easier
cooking - just ask! $7.99/lb. We have 4 small, 8 lbs size heritage
birds left at our Pioneer Square location. It's pickup day down
there, so it will be busy. $10.99/lb.

Facebook - November 22

You know it's turkey season when you have three pallets of birds
filling up one truck! Russ Flint of Rain Shadow Meats and his team
spent today handing out our Aurora Valley organic turkeys to
customers who preordered them. More than 250 birds found a happy
home for the big day!

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