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bbr chickens

After several months of no poultry program and months of exhausting all possiblities of getting truely Washington raised chickens we are proud to partner up with Big Bliff Ranch in Central California.  Big Bluff ranch is a long time family farm dedicated to raiseng amazing chickens and turkeys.  These chickens are pastured all day and brought back into there coups at night.  While foraging for bugs and grubs in the pasture they are also feeding on grains locally sourced from a grainery down the road from the Farm.  Please check out there website for more information on there practices.  Rain Shadow is so happy to be back in the poultry game.  Please come give them a try and let us know what you think.




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Facebook - October 15

Despite the dreary weather, this huge crane outside our front door &
construction surrounding us - our Melrose location is open! Remember
you can always enter through the rear entrance.

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