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Tails and Trotters

Hazelnut finished pork. These pigs are raised here in Washington State and finished on a diet of Hazelnuts for the last 60-90 days.  This practice is based on the tradition of finishing pigs specifically for Prosciutto production.  The hazelnuts aid in flavor and most importantly fat, both intramuscular and subcutaneous (under the skin) fat cover necessary for prosciutto production. Production is somewhat limited and we get whole hogs when available.

Painted Hills Farms

Besides our local purveyors & farmers, Painted Hills Beef keep our beef case full.  Located out of Fossil, Oregon, Painted Hills Beef is a large cooperative of cattle ranchers with numerous ranches scattered throughout the northwest that raise antibiotic and hormone free beef.  All the beef is sent to one of two feed lots located in eastern Oregon where the animals spend the last 2-6 months eating a feed consisting of barley, alfalfa and corn.  This produces a consistent, well marbled animal that customers enjoy.

Prime Smoked Meats

Steve Sacks is located in Oakland, California and has been smoking meats for 30 yrs. I was introduced to him and his products through a friend and colleague of mine, Jeffery Bergman. Jeffrey was interested in getting a specific bacon program going and their collaboration is probably the best bacon available. This bacon is exclusive to Rain Shadow Meats and starts with 100% Duroc Pork Bellies, Dry cured(no water added), Smoked with Apple Wood , cooled and smoked a second time with Maple wood. The double natural smoke adds a true deep smoke flavor and a sweetness that cannot be matched by a chemical artificial smoke. Prime Smoke also provides us with smoked ham hocks and honey cured ham through the holidays. The hams are made in a similar fashion as the bacon except they are first brine cured. Steve has developed his own process for the brine cure, in which he arterial pumps the brine instead of injecting the hams. When we approached Steve and asked him if he could double smoke the hams just like the bacon, he said he’d had never done such a thing but was willing to give it a shot. These flavorful hams have a nice dark brown lacquer while maintaining their beautiful pink interior.

Heritage Meats

Heritage Meats is one of the most important steps in the chain of locally raised and processed meats.  Without Tracy Smaciarz and his crew, Rain Shadow would have very little access to locally raised grass fed beef, small farmed pork and lamb.  I met Tracy several years ago while I was still cooking and Rain Shadow was not even a twinkle in my eye.  A few chef friends and I went to tour his newly USDA Certified processing facility in Rochester, WA.  Tracy learned meat cutting from his Dad and left the business for a few years but came back to open and run Heritage Meats.  Heritage Meats works with the Puget Sound mobile slaughter unit for the Southern Puget Sound.  Small farmers have Tracy hold and process thier animals and then distribute across the State.  Heritage is indispensable for Rain Shadow Meats and our Mission.

Nicky USA

Based out of Portland Oregon, Nicky U.S.A. focuses mainly on game meats and birds. They have an impressive product list of Northwest grown meats and their customer service is unbelievable.  They have a detailed knowledge of their products and ordering from them is always a pleasure. In addition to their own meats, Nicky also has a USDA inspected processing facility where they process animals that are sourced from local Northwest farms. Rain Shadow Meats gets a wide range of products from Nicky including rabbit, quail, squab, Tails & Trotters pork and Anderson Ranch Lamb.

Anderson Ranch Lamb

Anderson Ranch is a cooperative of sheep farms in the Willamette Valley just south of Portland, Oregon.  The natural grass in this area allows the animals plenty of nutrition which produces beautiful lamb.  We get this lamb from Nicky USA, who process it at their plant in Portland and deliver it to us twice a week.

Gleason Ranch

Owned and operated by the 5th generation of the Gleason family; the ranch was homesteaded in 1859,  located on the Satsop River just 40 miles Southwest of Olympia, Wa. They raise Black Angus cross cattle which are never confined and are free to roam in their pastures all year long.  The cattle are born, raised and finished on the ranch and fed only the feed that is produced from their lush green pastures; growth hormones, animal bi-products, antibiotics and grain are never a part of their diet. The cattle are handled with humane practices which promote healthy, content animals and beef. Purebred, registered bulls are the only animals that are introduced into the herd. Due to their practices, The Gleason Ranch is the epitome of sustainable raised Beef. The slaughtering is done by a Mobile Slaughter Unit and then processed at Heritage Meats and delivered to Rain Shadow Meats in Seattle. We allow the beef to hang for 14 days before we begin to cut and sell steaks, roast and grind. Rain Shadow has been buying whole carcasses of beef from The Gleason Ranch for several years and we find it to be some of the best 100% grass fed beef produced. We love that the Beef at any given point is no further than 100 miles away.    Please check out their Facebook page for more info. or their website at:

Harlow Cattle Company

Becky Weed has been farming her entire life and is very passionate about what she does and that comes through her beef.  Becky and her husband Mark own and operate Harlow Cattle Company located just 60 miles south of Seattle in rural Pierce County.  Harlow Cattle Co. beef is raised on a strict diet of natural grasses and Legumes grown on the ranch, as well as alfalfa from Eastern Washington.  Harlow Cattle Co. is a staple in Rain Shadow Meats case and we are very proud to offer this beef to our customers.  We allow the beef to hang whole carcass for a minimum of 14 days before we butcher it.  This aids to the incredible taste and texture of the beef.  All the animals are born, raised and harvested on the ranch and processed at Heritage Meats and then brought to Rain Shadow Meats to be cut and sold.  Please visit their website for more information.